Common Pests in Summer Season

Pests can be a real thorn in the flesh especially if you do not know how you can control them. Most of these suckers proliferate at a very high speed. So before you even know it, they will be all over your home.

That is why you should be very careful when you are dealing with pests. When it comes to dealing with the moist common pests in summer, there are several factors you have to bear in mind. One of them is to ensure that you understand the type of pests you are dealing with. There are four major types of pests that happen to be very common in summer.

Among the most common pests in summer are bees. Because summer attracts warm weather, a lot of flowers blossom. This in turn attracts a lot of bees.

So if you have flowers in your home, you are likely to find bees flying all over the house. This puts you and your family members at the risk of being stung. That is why you should learn ways of dealing with bees.

Because bees are important to the eco system you should not kill them. Instead, you should consult your local agricultural extension officer on how to get rid of bees in the house.

Fleas are also among the mot common pests in summer. These pests will start by attacking your pets. So if you notice your pet scratching her body more than she should, you should check if she is having fleas. It is also normal to find a lot of flies during summer. These suckers are very dangerous because they contaminate food and water, thereby posing a health threat to people. You should therefore move with speed to find the effective way to deal flies. The other common pests in summer are ticks. These normally attack livestock.

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