Termite Control Miami – Don’t wait until its too late!

At Pest Control Miami we specialize in getting rid of these unwanted house guests. We work hard to protect your home from infestations. Our experienced professionals seek out and eliminate termites.

Termite Control Miami Services include:


• Termite Inspection
• Termite Treatment
• Fogging & Fumigating
• Termite Control

Your home is one of your greatest financial investments and it may be in danger from the destructive effects of termite infestation. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, subterranean termites are native to all of the 48 contiguous states and cause an estimated $750 million in damage annually.

Don’t wait until the effects are visible. Because termites generally gain access to your home from access points in or near the foundation and because they attack wood from the inside out, early detection requires the skills of a trained termite inspector. Our certified termite inspectors can detect the presence of termite colonies before they have a chance to harm your home, or even become visible to you.

Termite Control Miami

A. Technology
Our Termite Control Miami technology is a continuous three-step process. First, we locate the termites, next we treat the termites and finally we conduct follow-up inspections to assure you that there are no re-infestations or new infestations.

1. Locate: Using borascopes, trained technicians inspect your home, including wall interiors to locate any existing termite colonies.
2. Treat: Pest Control Miami then destroys those colonies by injecting D-Limonene (orange oil) directly into the effected wood members.
3. Follow up: Finally, Pest Control Miami follows up with annual inspections to detect and treat any new infestations or re-infestations.

B. The History
The Miami EPA recognized D-Limonene an effective pesticide in the 1990’s. Because D-Limonene is an essential oil, pest control experts knew that it would travel through wood members by capillary action and attack termites where they live. However, it was difficult to identify the specific wood member that required treatment without opening walls themselves. With the introduction of the borascope technology used in the medical field, it became possible to locate termite infestations inside walls and other concealed areas.

C. Safety
While the United States Food and Drug Administration approved certain concentrations of D-Limonene for use as a food additive, the XT-2000 Orange Oil Pest Control Miami uses is industrial strength. Before the development of borascope inspections, the primary application of D-Limonene for pest control was in pet shampoos for the control of fleas and ticks.

D. Efficacy

Thorough inspection of the property using borascopes to examine interior wall voids and other inaccessible wood timbers allows Pest Control Miami technicians to identify the exact location of termite colonies. Unlike other technologies, efficacy tests show that local application of D-Limonene destroys adult termites. Thus, identified colonies are more completely eradicated.

However, no termite control technology can guarantee total eradication. That is why Pest Control Miami provides annual follow up inspections as part of its service to assure that any existing colonies have been eradicated and no new colonies have developed.

Our Termite Control Miami service is backed with two year warranty on its service, which the property owner may extend on a year to year basis for a modest charge. As part of the warranty, Pest Control Miami will send a licensed technician to your home once a year to confirm that any identified colonies have been eradicated.

How do our technologies compare to traditional methods?

Gas based methods
Note: New state laws do not allow us to discuss other types of treatment methods, but with new techniques at our disposal, we can now offer our clients a new generation in termite control.
Pest Control Miami’s treatment costs are price competitive with other methods and there are no hidden costs associated with our methods.